14 Inspiring Partner Yoga Quotes To Strengthen Your Partner Practice

Slackrobats partner yoga quotes

Partner Yoga Quotes To Lift Your Up Your Partnership I’ve gathered my favorite partner yoga quotes for you to peruse! When pairing up with another, we all come to crossroads of frustration and blame or patience and communication. It really doesn’t matter what it is, when we step outside of just working alone, we are faced with … Read more

10 Best Holiday Gifts For Acroyogis

10 Best Gifts For Acrobats and Yogis, Acroyogis

Lift Your Acro Friends Up With These Special Holiday Gifts For Acroyogis It’s the holiday season, and you want to get your acroyogi friends a gift that lets them know you really care. Well you’re in luck, because we are acroyogis and we know the perfect gifts that will get your acro friends pumped. There … Read more

Train These 5 Yoga Poses to Support Your AcroYoga Practice

Train These 5 Yoga Poses to Support Your AcroYoga Practice

5 Yoga Postures to Compliment Your AcroYoga Practice Today I’m going to review 5 yoga poses you can train to strengthen your AcroYoga practice. These five yoga poses mimic the body shape needed to execute the AcroYoga postures. So by training the yoga pose, you are strengthening and stretching the body, as well as familiarizing yourself with … Read more

RESPECT YOUR JOINTS. Warm Up Before Activity.

RESPECT YOUR JOINTS. Warm Them Up Before Activity.

Let’s Warm-Up Before We Play Whether you’re getting ready to do acroyoga, slackline, go running, or do some handstands, it’s important to warm up the body. When you warm up the joints and muscles, it gets the fluids moving and the heart pumping. The body likes warming up before you put a lot of high … Read more

Cultivate Balance With CTL Training

CTL training

CTL Training Constant-Tension-Load (CTL) Let’s talk training technique. Today I’m going to discuss ONE specific style of training called CTL Training. This refers to constant tension load training, which is a great technique for building muscle mass. CTL training means keeping the muscle under tension (activated) and turned on while working out. For example, when you do a … Read more

How Slacklining and AcroYoga Got Me On Social Media

How Slacklining and AcroYoga Got Me On Social Media

I’ve Never Used Social Media Until Now… Here’s a little fun fact about me…I’m one of those people who still don’t have a Facebook account. Actually I’ve never had a personal social media account of any kind. Still to this day I don’t have a personal account. Oh wait–I have a LinkedIn account that’s not … Read more

Acro Art: Inspiring My Inner-Painter

Slackrobats Acro Art: How Acro Inspires My Inner-Painter

Inspirations Discovered In Acro To me, acro inspires and creates beauty. The movement within the art is very controlled and can be done with such grace and elegance. The technical skill behind some of the flows and poses is mouth dropping. Overall acro is an amazing human display of art, expression, and skill. This art form … Read more

Acrolining: The Love Child of Slacklining + AcroYoga

The Acrolining Adventures Continue… Awhile back, around December 2015, I wrote a blog about combining two passions into one practice. The fusion of Acro and Slacklining…to create Acrolining. This is where a Base lays down on the slackline and a Flyer gets onto the Base and into different acro poses. Most of the poses I had tried … Read more

17 Quotes To Encourage And Empower You

slackrobats quotes to encourage and empower acroyoga slacklining

Discover Your Inner Strength We all need a little help from our friends. Whether it be a friend you know or a friend you haven’t met yet, the progress we seek is fostered all around us. Let the distractions of the outside world fall away to make space for intuition and connection to the lessons that … Read more

Our Next #SlackrobatsChallenge Begins Today!

Slackrobats Challenge December 2016 toesox inner fire bob and trish juggling acroyoga addicts lindsikaycircus slackrobats

Are You Ready To Get Your Acro On? This month we are taking yoga into the air for a 10-day AcroYoga-focused #SlackrobatsChallenge! Join us in Instagram December 7th-16th for a chance to win some amazing gear from @myinnerfire and @toesox. We couldn’t be more excited about the hosting team we’ve gathered to support you…they are all … Read more

19 Training Quotes to Encourage and Inspire

19 Training Quotes to Encourage and Inspire buddy thomas slackrobats

Training Quotes To Keep You Headed Towards Your Goal…   Sometimes you just need a little support. Sometimes you just need your fellow Slackrobats to remind you just how strong you really are. Next time you are training towards a goal and you find yourself struggling, let one of these quotes settle you. Let room be created … Read more

It’s Time For Another Slackrobats Challenge!

slackrobats challenge acroyoga challenge yogaslackers slacroduo acrobuddhas lindsikaycircus b yoga pokosha clothing

We’re Taking Our Balance From The Slackline …To A Person! This Monday marks the start of our 2nd Instagram challenge! (#SlackrobatsChallenge) But THIS time we will be balancing on PEOPLE! The challenge runs August 1st-August 10th and we have some seriously inspiring hosts including @acrobuddhas, @lindsikaycircus, and @slacroduo. The best part is that after having 10 … Read more

Monkeys & AcroYoga: Traveling to Ubud, Bali

acroyoga ubud monkey forest ubud bali buddy thomas slackrobats lindsikay

  For PHOTOS from our trip, check out @slackrobats and @lindsikaycircus on Instagram.   Our Nerve-Wracking Adventure to Ubud, Bali Driving in Bali ZOOOOOM, another moped goes racing by! This time passing on the left of this narrow two-lane highway. Here the cars drive on the left side of the road, completely different then what I … Read more

17 Quotes to Heal the Heart

Finding Balance Through Healing Words Early in life I learned that words are very powerful and carry energy with them. It is our choice which words leave our mouth. It is also our choice what intention we put into forming and expressing those words. Often can be the case that thoughts, and intentions along with words can … Read more

Highlining with the YogaSlackers…Just Another Day in Oregon

highlining slacklining with the yogaslackers in oregon mckay falls lower fishbowl buddy thomas drone video

Slackline Memories Over a Frozen Waterfall AcroYoga, Highlining, and Circus!   It’s early, it’s cold, the kind of cold that spells itself out every time you take a breath. I’m up with the sun, excited and getting ready to roll over to a friend’s house. My backpack is stuffed with snacks, drinks, juggling clubs, and … Read more

2 Relationships, 1 Lover – Sharing Intimacy and AcroYoga

sharing intimacy and acroyoga 2 relationships 1 lover buddy thomas slackrobats lindsikay

  Sharing Intimacy and AcroYoga “Wait a minute, I don’t know if I can do this. Maybe we should just stop doing Acro! No, that’s not the answer…” thoughts racing through my head like a cheetah full speed in an open field. Heart pumping fast, in sink with the surges of adrenaline rushing through the … Read more

ACRO + Slacklining = AcroLining: Combining 2 Passions into 1!

lindsikay vuddy thomas slackrobats yogaslackers acrolining slacklining slackline acroyoga acro

A Growing Desire in the Merging of 2 Practices   I started my AcroYoga practice about 2 1/2 years ago in May of 2013. I also started my slacklining practice at the same time, actually…the same day. I realized quite quickly that both of these practices were of solid interest to me, just like simultaneous thought … Read more

13 Quotes to Inspire and Support Your AcroYoga Practice

slackrobats slackline acroyoga slackro

  AcroYogis Unite! AcroYoga is a journey, not a destination. A practice, not a move, or series of moves. Seek this and like the rivers, your AcroYoga will flow. Believe and participate in communication and trust, and your heart will be open, as will your options for connection. Humans can build dams to cease the … Read more

Acroyoga And Slacklining In The Olympics? | Fletch

slacklining in the olympics

Are these adventure sports Olympic-bound? When you consider what folks can do in both acro and slacklining, I can see it happening. Acroyoga is basically in the olympics already, it’s called partner gymnastics. Yes, I know there are differences. And I could see them adding to partner gymnastics with things like L-Basing and yogic positions. So that’s not much of a stretch. … Read more