Kick Off 2017 With A Slackline #SlackrobatsChallenge!

Kick Off 2017 With A Slackline #SlackrobatsChallenge!

Slackrobats Challenge Time! February 15th – February 24th Slackline Challenge Are you ready to have some more fun with the SLACKROBATS?! This Wednesday marks the start of the next #SlackrobatsChallenge, which will be a slackline theme this time around. Join us for this fun, challenging, and creative challenge. Remember that safety is our absolute first … Read more

Win FREE Slacklines in October’s #SlackrobatsChallenge!

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The October Slackrobats Challenge Is Here! Hashtag: #SlackrobatsChallenge Are you ready to win some FREE slackline gear?! Tomorrow marks the start of our next #SlackrobatsChallenge. The last one was so much fun, we decided to do it again! This month’s challenge is slackline-centered and exposure-themed. Time to turn your practice sideways. We can’t wait to see … Read more

It’s Time For Another Slackrobats Challenge!

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We’re Taking Our Balance From The Slackline …To A Person! This Monday marks the start of our 2nd Instagram challenge! (#SlackrobatsChallenge) But THIS time we will be balancing on PEOPLE! The challenge runs August 1st-August 10th and we have some seriously inspiring hosts including @acrobuddhas, @lindsikaycircus, and @slacroduo. The best part is that after having 10 … Read more