It’s Time For Another Slackrobats Challenge!

We’re Taking Our Balance From The Slackline

…To A Person!

This Monday marks the start of our 2nd Instagram challenge! (#SlackrobatsChallenge) But THIS time we will be balancing on PEOPLE! The challenge runs August 1st-August 10th and we have some seriously inspiring hosts including @acrobuddhas, @lindsikaycircus, and @slacroduo.

The best part is that after having 10 days of fun with us, we will be giving away some awesome prizes! Please use spotters when attempting things that are unfamiliar to you, and keep an eye on our host’s Instagram accounts, as they will be providing some valuable tips for safe and creative entries into these poses. 🙂

Details on how to enter the Slackrobats challenge are included below.

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Our Hosts:


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How To Enter The Slackrobats Challenge:

1. Repost this challenge poster on your Instagram account.
(along with challenge description below)

2. Tag 2 friends to join.

3. Follow ALL hosts and sponsors.

4. Post daily!

Challenge Description  (paste into caption, with challenge poster)

It’s time to nurture your sLaCrO-YoGi side! Grab a partner for this fun 10-day #SlackrobatsChallenge that will take your learned balance off of the slackline–and on to a person. We have some awesome hosts to walk you through the poses, and we highly encourage the use of spotters. Post each day to qualify for some amazing prizes–and YES…ATTEMPTS COUNT! 


1. SHARE this poster. (Make sure your profile is public.) 

2. TAG 2 friends to join!

3. FOLLOW all our hosts and sponsors.

4. POST a photo or video each day (attempts count!) by August 12th.


@slackrobats, @acrobuddhas, @lindsikaycircus, @slacroduo


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