11 Best Gifts For Slackliners and Highliners

10 Best Gifts For Slackliners and Highliners

Spread The Slacker Stoke With These Perfect Holiday Gifts For Slackliners Let’s be real. Buying a special gift for someone that’s just right, is HARD. You sit there brainstorming…and when you think about that special someone, your mind just runs around in circles. Well we want to help. Maybe you have friends who want to dip their … Read more

The History of Slacklining

Slacklining History SLACKROBATS

The History of Slacklining A Brief Look At How We Got Here The history of slacklining can be a confusing topic because people often confuse it with the tightrope modality. For many centuries there has been rope walking, tightrope walking, and wire walking. When you hear someone mention tightrope, many of you may think of … Read more

Free Slackrobats eGuide: Slacklining For Complete Beginners

Free Slackrobats eGuide: Slacklining For Complete Beginners

A Slackrobats eGuide To Get You Started Intro to Slacklining We are happy to announce the release of our first Slackrobats eGuide! Slacklining For Complete Beginners is packed full of useful information to help you get started with slacklining. We know how hard it can be to find high quality information online. It can feel overwhelming for someone … Read more

Kick Off 2017 With A Slackline #SlackrobatsChallenge!

Kick Off 2017 With A Slackline #SlackrobatsChallenge!

Slackrobats Challenge Time! February 15th – February 24th Slackline Challenge Are you ready to have some more fun with the SLACKROBATS?! This Wednesday marks the start of the next #SlackrobatsChallenge, which will be a slackline theme this time around. Join us for this fun, challenging, and creative challenge. Remember that safety is our absolute first … Read more

Our Next #SlackrobatsChallenge Begins Today!

Slackrobats Challenge December 2016 toesox inner fire bob and trish juggling acroyoga addicts lindsikaycircus slackrobats

Are You Ready To Get Your Acro On? This month we are taking yoga into the air for a 10-day AcroYoga-focused #SlackrobatsChallenge! Join us in Instagram December 7th-16th for a chance to win some amazing gear from @myinnerfire and @toesox. We couldn’t be more excited about the hosting team we’ve gathered to support you…they are all … Read more

Win FREE Slacklines in October’s #SlackrobatsChallenge!

slackline challenge october slackrobatschallenge

The October Slackrobats Challenge Is Here! Hashtag: #SlackrobatsChallenge Are you ready to win some FREE slackline gear?! Tomorrow marks the start of our next #SlackrobatsChallenge. The last one was so much fun, we decided to do it again! This month’s challenge is slackline-centered and exposure-themed. Time to turn your practice sideways. We can’t wait to see … Read more

It’s Time For Another Slackrobats Challenge!

slackrobats challenge acroyoga challenge yogaslackers slacroduo acrobuddhas lindsikaycircus b yoga pokosha clothing

We’re Taking Our Balance From The Slackline …To A Person! This Monday marks the start of our 2nd Instagram challenge! (#SlackrobatsChallenge) But THIS time we will be balancing on PEOPLE! The challenge runs August 1st-August 10th and we have some seriously inspiring hosts including @acrobuddhas, @lindsikaycircus, and @slacroduo. The best part is that after having 10 … Read more

Join Our FREE Slackline Challenge + WIN SLACKLINE GEAR!

slackline challenge slackrobats yogaslackers slacklarsen heather larsen lizasouras pokosha clothing slack tech jason and chelsey magnets june slackline yoga

Hey Slackrobats! Are you ready to get outside and have some fun?  We’ve teamed up with hosts @slacklarsen, @lizasouras, and @jasonandchelsey to bring you an awesome Spring yoga challenge with an added twist: all the yoga poses are done on a slackline! (To the best of your ability, attempts count!) We also have some great sponsors … Read more