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We Are The

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Welcome To The SLACKROBATS Community

We believe that...

BALANCE is a lifestyle.

PRACTICE is a commitment to self.

SUPPORT is the thread that connects us all.

Learn from us

All training programs are 100% virtual and are offered through SlackrobatsAcademy.com.

Don't forget: The Slackrobats blog and YouTube are filled with free educational posts and trainings!


Slackline 101

A fun and comprehensive 10-week virtual slackline training program that teaches K-12 students how to stand, walk, and balance in various poses on the slackline. Ideal for virtual learning during #CovidTimes.

Training Membership

This All-Access Pass gives you access to our entire video library of slacking conditioning drills. This membership is ideal for those who have a little slacklining experience under their belt already, but crave more.

Intro To Slacklining Package

This Level 1 Intro To Slacklining Program is filled to the brim with video tutorials to help you develop your slackline practice. This package is designed for brand new and beginner-level slackliners.


Intro To Slacklining

This guide will teach you how to get started with slacklining. Whether it’s brand new to you--or you’re just ready to invest in your own set-up, this guide will help get you off the ground!

Intro To AcroYoga

This starter’s guide will help you launch your AcroYoga practice in a safe and fun way! Built for absolute beginners, this guide requires no previous knowledge surrounding yoga or acrobatics.

Jam With Us

We LOVE to feature our community members!

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