In 2016, Give Yourself the Gift of Care

give yourself the gift of care slackrobats yoga in the ocean buddy thomas care for yourself so that you can care for others 2016 gift to yourself
Yoga in the Indian Ocean. Photographed by LindsiKay.

Care for yourself,

so that you can care for others…



In 2016, Give Yourself the Gift of Care

Crackle, Pop, Snap, Crackle, Boom! The last fireworks of 2015 explode and the New Year is approaching fast. So many of us spent 2015 running around, doing what we had to do to get through the month, to get through the day.

‘So much to do, so little time’ echoing in our heads as we go to work, clean the house, feed ourselves and try to have a social life as well. It has been my observation that many of us forget to take care of ourselves. I hear friends talk about wanting to visit, or trying to make time to relax and I watch the days roll away like a tumble weed in a dust storm, yet there’s no knock at the door. What is it that keeps them from doing so, I wonder?

I see people around me get stressed out and take on a lot of responsibilities, which in turn keep them from making time for themselves or doing the things I hear them say time and time again, they want to do. I think there are many different reasons for all of this, but one thing everyone has in common is choice.  It really is your choice to take care of yourself, to give yourself love and compassion. To forgive yourself, to believe in yourself. It’s your choice to eat healthy and keep educated, to rest when tired, and to soak in a hot bath when your bones need it. Your attitude is your choice, even when things are not as you wish them to be.

give yourself the gift of care slackrobats yoga in the ocean buddy thomas care for yourself so that you can care for others 2016 gift to yourself
Photo by Kelli Brooks. 2015 All Rights Reserved

I like to play around with balance and the many ways to express it and experience it. This to me, is a form of emotional and physical balance. Caring for your emotions and state of health, allows your physical self to be strong and present. There is a harmony that each of us have, some similar, each different. Taking time for ourselves, breathing, listening to the body. Filling up the soul with life nectar is an essential part of existing. It allows us to know ourselves, to exist within our harmony.  We are examples for each other, with every step that we take, with every need that we ignore. We are hands to help each other when we can, and not taking time for you by creating distractions for yourself, limits that availability.  I have talked to many folks about what keeps them from taking care of them, and they usually say “work” or “no time” or “no money”. I see the pain and understand that it is difficult to take time for oneself,  but I think its necessary.

I believe that if you neglect loving yourself, it’s difficult to ever love someone else fully. If you don’t care for yourself, how are you strong enough to fully care for others? People around you that you may or may not know, are going to need help, and someday so will you. A scary thing to think is that we are alone in this world, that no one cares for you. The truth as I see it is, there is always someone, somewhere that cares for you. Sometimes a person right in front of you, that you may be unaware of. Sometimes a person far away that you have long forgotten about. A friend, a co-worker, a parent, there is always someone who cares.

slackrobats yoga in the ocean buddy thomas care for yourself so that you can care for others 2016 gift to yourself

So here it is , 2016. I am excited about a year full of opportunity and experience. I encourage everyone to take time for themselves this year. As much time as you need. Whether it’s getting on a Slackline, or doing some Handstands with friends, or sitting with yourself meditating. Playing Acro, getting some extra rest, or just drinking some more water, give yourself the love you need. You are amazing and your needs are important! It’s not that I know this, it’s simply that I feel it. Every creature that I have met in the body movement arts culture and so many people I’ve met traveling around the world help confirm the feeling of connection. All of them genuine people who care and exude light from their soul. All of these people are great and I care for them. The friends I don’t know yet or the people I may never come across, you I care for because you are human, you are a creature like I. Capable and vulnerable, warm blood flowing through your veins, a heart pumping. You are gentle, strong, and scared. You make mistakes and you have feelings. I believe that if we care for ourselves, we can be there to serve the needs of others. If we care for others, our needs to provide and contribute are met. It’s a healthy relationship to have and experience, co-existing in harmony with those around us and our environment that holds us.

I have been shown many times by friends and teachers that I love and admire, that any thing is possible, not only individually, but collectively. That an open heart and open mind can be a path to self creation and community connection. How will you care for yourself this year, how will you make time for you? I would love to hear some stories in the comment box. Thanks for taking the time to read this and many blessings to you in this New Year.


Buddy Thomas