14 Inspiring Partner Yoga Quotes To Strengthen Your Partner Practice

Slackrobats partner yoga quotes

Partner Yoga Quotes To Lift Your Up Your Partnership I’ve gathered my favorite partner yoga quotes for you to peruse! When pairing up with another, we all come to crossroads of frustration and blame or patience and communication. It really doesn’t matter what it is, when we step outside of just working alone, we are faced with … Read more

Train These 5 Yoga Poses to Support Your AcroYoga Practice

Train These 5 Yoga Poses to Support Your AcroYoga Practice

5 Yoga Postures to Compliment Your AcroYoga Practice Today I’m going to review 5 yoga poses you can train to strengthen your AcroYoga practice. These five yoga poses mimic the body shape needed to execute the AcroYoga postures. So by training the yoga pose, you are strengthening and stretching the body, as well as familiarizing yourself with … Read more

Technical Review of Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana II)

 Warrior 2: From the Ground Up Warrior 2 is a strong and active yoga posture that helps to channel your inner-warrior. It’s great for building stamina and focus, as well as building ankle, calf, hamstring, quad, core and shoulder strength. However…if done incorrectly it will channel a world of pain into your muscles and joints. Here … Read more

RESPECT YOUR JOINTS. Warm Up Before Activity.

RESPECT YOUR JOINTS. Warm Them Up Before Activity.

Let’s Warm-Up Before We Play Whether you’re getting ready to do acroyoga, slackline, go running, or do some handstands, it’s important to warm up the body. When you warm up the joints and muscles, it gets the fluids moving and the heart pumping. The body likes warming up before you put a lot of high … Read more

Cultivate Balance With CTL Training

CTL training

CTL Training Constant-Tension-Load (CTL) Let’s talk training technique. Today I’m going to discuss ONE specific style of training called CTL Training. This refers to constant tension load training, which is a great technique for building muscle mass. CTL training means keeping the muscle under tension (activated) and turned on while working out. For example, when you do a … Read more

Slackline Training: 6-Pose Long Hold Sequence

slackrobats slackline training long hold sequence

Let’s Start With the 6 Slackline Poses… Then We’ll Get Into The Slackline Training Techniques! So, before we build a slackline long hold sequence, we have to first start with the poses. Below is a list of 6 static poses for you to practice on the line. I want you to hold each pose for 1 minute–hence … Read more

17 Quotes to Heal the Heart

Finding Balance Through Healing Words Early in life I learned that words are very powerful and carry energy with them. It is our choice which words leave our mouth. It is also our choice what intention we put into forming and expressing those words. Often can be the case that thoughts, and intentions along with words can … Read more

In 2016, Give Yourself the Gift of Care

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Care for yourself, so that you can care for others…     In 2016, Give Yourself the Gift of Care Crackle, Pop, Snap, Crackle, Boom! The last fireworks of 2015 explode and the New Year is approaching fast. So many of us spent 2015 running around, doing what we had to do to get through the month, … Read more

ACRO + Slacklining = AcroLining: Combining 2 Passions into 1!

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A Growing Desire in the Merging of 2 Practices   I started my AcroYoga practice about 2 1/2 years ago in May of 2013. I also started my slacklining practice at the same time, actually…the same day. I realized quite quickly that both of these practices were of solid interest to me, just like simultaneous thought … Read more

13 Quotes to Inspire and Support Your AcroYoga Practice

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  AcroYogis Unite! AcroYoga is a journey, not a destination. A practice, not a move, or series of moves. Seek this and like the rivers, your AcroYoga will flow. Believe and participate in communication and trust, and your heart will be open, as will your options for connection. Humans can build dams to cease the … Read more