ACRO + Slacklining = AcroLining: Combining 2 Passions into 1!

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A Growing Desire in the Merging of 2 Practices   I started my AcroYoga practice about 2 1/2 years ago in May of 2013. I also started my slacklining practice at the same time, actually…the same day. I realized quite quickly that both of these practices were of solid interest to me, just like simultaneous thought … Read more

Bonding with a Tough Crowd: Whip Out the Slackline!

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  Connecting with Russian Surfers at SurfJam 2015 in Bali! I arrived here in Bali with my partner on November 20th, after 28+ hours of travel from Bend, Oregon. (We left on the 18th!) There’s 16 hours time difference between here and home, and it was a long trip to say the least. Once we arrived at the … Read more