18 Slackline Quotes to Support/Calm Your Walk

18 Slackline Quotes to Support/Calm Your Walk buddy thomas

Support Your Practice With Empowering Thoughts We all have our moments of struggle, when the disorganized chatter in our head is so loud we can’t concentrate. Our focus is easily distracted and our minds drift in and out of the present moment. Remembering to breath and having a mantra to say, either in your head … Read more

17 Quotes To Encourage And Empower You

slackrobats quotes to encourage and empower acroyoga slacklining

Discover Your Inner Strength We all need a little help from our friends. Whether it be a friend you know or a friend you haven’t met yet, the progress we seek is fostered all around us. Let the distractions of the outside world fall away to make space for intuition and connection to the lessons that … Read more

13 Quotes to Inspire and Support Your AcroYoga Practice

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  AcroYogis Unite! AcroYoga is a journey, not a destination. A practice, not a move, or series of moves. Seek this and like the rivers, your AcroYoga will flow. Believe and participate in communication and trust, and your heart will be open, as will your options for connection. Humans can build dams to cease the … Read more

15 Inspirational Quotes for Slackliners

Inspiring Words To Sit (Or Walk) With We all feel inspired in one way or another, right? I think so. Each of us has the ability to inspire, and be inspired. I believe inspiration is what happens when you experience something that is profound to you. Such as nature in raw form, as giant sequoia redwoods tower over you with … Read more