60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World

Festival Guide:
60+ Slackline and Highline Festivals

As the years pass, the number of highline and slackline festivals grow. It seems like each and every year there is another highline festival popping up somewhere in the world. So I decided to compile a list of every single (current!) slackline festival that I could find.

This comprehensive slackers guide offers festival-seekers a quick breakdown of festival offerings and the country the event is held in.  If you know of a slackline festival missing from the list, shoot me a message with details. I would love to get it added. But for now, here’s what I got…

60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
@Slackrobats on Smith Rocks “Wizards Cap” Highline   Photo by Rob Newman

A list of 60 slackline festivals from all over the world. I tried to only include festivals that have slacklining, highlining, or tricklining as a major offering at their event. Some of the festivals are competition-based, while others are essentially big laidback slacker gatherings. Either way, there is fun to be had. I hope this list helps you on your journey to further explore the art of balance.

North American Slackline Festivals

This is a collection of slackline festivals based in the United States and Canada. We have included information about location and the skills offered at the event, and when possible, we’ve attached a website where you can find more information.


Smith Rocks Highline Festival

Oregon, USA

Offerings: Highlines


GGBY Highline Gathering 

Utah, USA

Offerings: Highlines, Spacenet

60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
@alli__g at GGBY   Photo by @curtisslacksoff

Austin Slackline Festival 

Texas, USA

Offerings: Slacklines


Wanderlust Festivals (+ 108 events) 

Events across the United States and Canada

Offerings: Music, Yoga, Running, Adventure Activities, Slacklines, AcroYoga (activities may vary depending on location)


Breathe Festival 

Indiana, USA

Offerings: Slacklines (Waterlines and Longlines), Yoga, Acroyoga, Flow Arts, Meditation, Drumming, Music

60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
@dodailey busting out a Double drop knee at Breathe Festival 2015 Photo by @breathefest

Skaha Highline Gathering


Offerings: Highlines


Mammoth Yoga Festival 

California, USA

Offerings: Yoga, Running, Workshops, Slackline classes, Meditation + more


Northeast Balance Festival


Offerings: Slacklines, Highlines, Longlines, Yoga, Acroyoga, Music, Camping, + more


Canyon Ste-Anne Highline Festival


Offerings: Highlines, Slacklines, Meditation, Yoga, Workshops

60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
Picture from Julian Desforges’s post in Festival de Highline au Canyon Ste-Anne

Hanoman Festival 

Colorado, USA

Offerings: Yoga, Meditation, Slackline, Acroyoga, Music, Workshops


Jackalope Action Sports Festival 


Offerings: Skateboard World Cup, Freestyle Motocross, Wakeskate, Parkour, Climbing, Fixed Gear Race, Slacklines, + more


Go Pro Mountain Games 


Offerings: Bmx, Rafting, Dog Competitions, Slackline, Kayak, SUP, Photography, Climbing, Fishing, Running, Yoga, Music, Art + more


60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
GoPro Mountain Games Photo by Zach Mahone

Central/South America Slackline Festivals

The following festivals take place throughout Central and South America. You can now get your slack on throughout Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay! Know of a festival we missed? Send us an email and we’ll get it added to the list.


Caminante Del Cielo


Offerings: Longlines, Waterlines, Slacklines, Rodeolines, Tricklines, Workshops


Up High Highline Festival


Offerings: Highlines


Festival Argentino De Highline


Offerings: Highlines


Gravatation Highline Festival 


Offerings: Highlines, Yoga, Acroyoga, Bouldering, Meditation, Massage Therapy


60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!

Cambotas Extreame 


Offerings: Highlines, Climbing


Trafwe Festival Extremo


Offerings: Bmx, Climbing, Kayaking, Roller skate, Slacklines, Waterlines, Music


Stay High Highline Festival


Offerings: Highlines, Hammocks


60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
Stay High Highline Festival  SOURCE

European Slackline Festivals

We have more than a few European slackline festivals to share with you. There seems to be a huge concentration of events in France and the Czech Republic. Czech even has a girls ONLY slackline festival! Germany and England each have a few as well, but don’t forget to check out Poland, Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands too.


Urban Highline Festival 


Offerings: Highlines, Workshops


Turkish Highline Carnival


Offerings: Highlines


OFCA Highline Festival 


Offerings: Highlines, Tricklines, Slacklines


Girls Only Slackline Festival

Czech Republic

Offerings: Highlines, Slacklines


60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
Girls Only Slackline Festival 2013 SOURCE

Chemnitzer Slackfest


Offerings: Tricklines, Slacklines, Music


Sunscape Festival 

Island of Goza

Offerings: Music, DJ’s, Slacklines, Yoga, Acroyoga, Art, Meditation, Workshops


Marmotte Highline Project


Offerings: Highlines


Bern City Slack 


Offerings: Longlines, Waterlines, Rodeolines


Turbul’ en Chap’


Offerings: Highlines, Circus Arts




Offerings: Bouldering, Climbing, Contests, Slacklines,Longlines, Waterlines, Rodeolines Highlines, Tricklines, Waterlines, Acroyoga, Yoga, SUP, Music

60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
Blokuhaka Photo sourced from https://blokuhaka.fr/en/

Côté Splash 


Offerings: Climbing, Waterlines, Slacklines


Ardèche Slackline Festival


Offerings: Highlines, Longlines, Waterlines, Slacklines, Rodeolines, Tricklines, Yoga, Acroyoga, Music


Adrspach Highline Meeting

Czech Republic

Offerings: Highlines, Longlines, Waterlines, Climbing


Lakeline Festival Konstanz


Offerings: Beginner Slacklines, Longlines, Trickline Contests, Yoga and Acroyoga Workshops, High(Mid) line, Games, Camping


Slackline Meeting Milano


Offerings: Trickline and Longline Competition, Slacklines, Acroyoga, Workshops


Les Marteaux de l’Enclume


Offerings: Slackline Park, Highlines, Tricklines, Demos


The Safety Meeting: Dutch Highline Festival


Offerings: Highlines, Acro, Rigging, and Breathing Workshops

60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
The Safety Meeting: Dutch Highline Festival    Photo credit Nose for photography www.noseforphotography.nl

Outdoor Mix Festival


Offerings: Kayaking, Trickling, Longline, Waterline, Highline, Paragliding, Kite surfing, Yoga, SUP, Longboard,  Climbing, Music, Contests


Natural Games (Spring/Winter)


Offerings: Contests/Competitions including Kayaking, Bmx, Climbing, Skiing, Snowboarding + more, A Highline Show (Winter), Music


Drill & Chill Climbing and Highline Festival 

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Offerings: Climbing, Bolting, Highlines, Longlines, Campfires


The International Highline Meeting Festival


Offerings: Highlines, Hammocks


Slackfest Bisik

Czech Republic

Offerings: Slacklines, Longlines, Rodeolines, Waterlines, Tricklines, Yoga, Movies


Les 2 Alpes Outdoor Festival 


Offerings: Running, MTB, Obstacle Course, Slackline, Yoga, Ski/Snow, Golf, Roller Skiing, Paragliding


Westhofener Slackline Festival


Offerings: Trickline, Longline, Spacenet

60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
Westhoferner Slackline Festival Photo by Bernd Paulitschke

Winter Festislack


Offerings: Highlines, Tricklines, Longlines, Skiing, Snowboarding, Music + more


Indian River Festislack


Offerings: Waterlines, Slacklines, Tricklines


Woodslack Festival

Czech Republic

Offerings: Movies, Tricklines, Slacklines, Yoga, Workshops




Offerings: Highlines


Red Bull Slackship


Offerings: Trickline Competition


Balanceakt V


Offerings: Trickiness, Longlines, Highlines, Slacklines, Waterlines


Ulassai Festival 


Offerings: Climbing, Highlines, Mountain Biking


Northwest Slackfest


Offerings: Trickline, Longline, & Speedline competitions, Slacklines, Rodeolines, Workshops, SlackCinema

60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
Northwest Slackfest by SlackfestUK Photo sourced from https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/northwest-slackfest-2018-tickets-43716101035


Play Festival 


Offerings: Circus Performance/ Shows, Workshops including Poi, Acroyoga, Staff, Hoop, Yoga, Slacklining, Juggling, Aerial, + more, Music, DJ’s


Asia Slackline Festivals

Asia is huge, but they don’t have too many festivals currently. There’s a small handful of slackline festivals based in countries like Iran, Japan, China, India, and Lebanon. If you know of one we missed, please let us know so we can add it to the list!


Persian Highline Festival


Offerings: Highlines, Midlines


Shonxia ju Highline Festival


Offerings: Highlines, Highline Trick Contest


Between Years Slack Festival


Offerings: Trekking, Camping, Slacklining, Highlining and High-Hammocks


Slackline Freestylers


Offerings: Trickline Competition


Lebanon Highline and Adventure Festival


Offerings: Highlines, Climbing, + other movement arts

60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
Lebanon Highline and Adventure Festival – SOURCE

Oceania Slackline Festivals

Ready to get high down under? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) The following festivals are based in Australia and New Zealand, and are mostly highline based. Highlining in beautiful New Zealand?  Where do we sign up?! 


New Zealand Highline Festival

New Zealand

Offerings: Highlines


Blue Mountains Highline Festival


Offerings: Highlines


Mt. Arapiles Highline Festival


Offerings: Highlines

60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World / Highline Festivals Too!
Highline Festival Mt. Arapiles     -Photo is a still frame from a video by Pat Ford –

Africa Slackline Festivals

So far we haven’t been able to locate many Africa-based slackline festivals. But we DID find an adventure festival that includes slacklining as one of its many offerings! Check it out below, and be sure to keep us in the loop if you learn of any other festivals in Africa.


Diani Beach Festival 


Offerings: Quad Biking, Skydiving Jumps, Slackline Park, Yoga, Beach Volleyball, Cycling, Fly Boarding, Kite Surfing, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Fishing and More


Well, there you go! I hope that was a fun journey for you. Now you have a highline/slackline festival guide to explore for years. Plus there’s a bunch of fun go getter activities sprinkled throughout these festivals. Careful…you could get addicted to all the smiles and kind people you meet along the way. Let me know if you found this list useful or if you find your next best friend at one of these events.





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