We Are Love, We Are Balance

The Art of Balance

slackrobats slackline acrobatsI am grateful in my life to have been presented many opportunities to explore the magical world of balance. I suppose it’s a way of looking at things around me, or a curious nature inside that drives me to dissolve the idea that balance is separate from me, or outside of me. Many moments have challenged this curious nature, yet a candle still burns inside, shining light in support that balance is a part of me. I am balance. Simply put, balance is loving oneself. Believing in oneself. That comes from inside, that is a choice. To me it’s a choice to remember something that is innately true in all of us. We are love, we are balance.

Putting my support in this believe, has translated to a world of beautiful and diverse experiences. My early childhood offered me a challenge coarse in emotional and mental balance. Parents being separated before birth, moving around from one school to another, and so on… My foundation was seemingly unstable, yet it’s that same foundation which has helped form my relationship with balance. Helped me to look inside to find calmness, to find breath, to find stillness. Starting in my early teens and as I grew older, I found myself playing around with physical balance. I discovered the freedom of dance and expression through moving my body. I started becoming more aware of the body and its structure with yoga, and began to explore range of balance with stilt walking, fire dancing, slack lining, and acro yoga.

slackline acrobats buddy thomasAll of these experiences have continuously helped me to redefine what is possible, to explore the many forms of balance, and strengthen my believe that balance is a part of me. I am balance. It’s a part of you, you are balance. Together we are balance. It’s a choice, to dissolve the idea of being separate from your surroundings, from the people around you. Balance is opening the doors to TRUST in yourself and those around you. All that I have learned about balance is that it’s an infinite learning ground. Part of the equation of life is change. Change is constant. Sometimes change is difficult, and it’s easy to react to, yet it’s how we choose to react to change that defines our ability to balance.

I have an amazing slacker friend and teacher that says “look for a way to stay on the line, it’s easy to look for a way off the line or a way out.” This rings true whether your on a high line, slack line, or trying to balance your emotions on a cloudy day. To me it means, you have to want it, more than not wanting it. Train hard and put the hours in. It’s the idea of looking where you want to go and charging on vs looking at the excuses of why you can’t and getting stuck. The art of balance is the willingness to explore the world, and oneself, diversifying the ability to maintain awareness of breath through the many rewarding/challenging changes that may occur from one moment to the next! Thanks and many blessings.