ACRO + Slacklining = AcroLining: Combining 2 Passions into 1!

A Growing Desire in the Merging of 2 Practices


I started my AcroYoga practice about 2 1/2 years ago in May of 2013. I also started my slacklining practice at the same time, actually…the same day. I realized quite quickly that both of these practices were of solid interest to me, just like simultaneous thought and action occurring at the same time without reason or explanation, is of solid interest to me. I knew I would not grow tired of them easily and that has most definitely proven to be true! Since that day I have taken several AcroYoga workshops and classes, including Solar and Lunar Immersions, AcroGasms, 3 Divine Play Festivals, multiple hand-to-hand series, and most recently, in June 2015 I completed my YogaSlackers Teacher Training.


handstand acro acroyoga slacklining acrolining buddy thomas
Photo by Lindsay Cathcart


Even after all the time and investment into these practices–willingly of course–I still find myself hungry for more. The kind of hunger that a lion feels after 3 or 4 days of his precious prey evading him. I continuously try to satisfy that hunger with weekly Acro jams at my house (time and weather permitting) and setting up my slackline at local parks in Bend, as well as in my front yard. The connections and learning I receive through these two practices has allowed me to deepen my appreciation for the subtleties of life. Such subtleties as breath, compassion, calmness, energy, stillness, and belief. Creating a kind of “in the moment” awareness.


In AcroYoga these subtle notions are mostly a shared experience, considering it is a partner practice. On the slackline they can be more personal, more private. Comparable to a meditation , sitting solo with your mind, settling the race car thoughts zooming around the tracks of your brain. Even with the teachings of being “in the moment”, these practices are not void of distractions. Distractions such as frustration, doubt, and expectation. Yet, I am inclined to be able to center myself when such distractions occur. To regain the “in the moment” awareness. I find that looking for a solution to these distractions, rather than being the subtleties that these practices teach , is when I struggle the most! For example; when I am walking a long line and become shaky and unstable towards the middle, if my main focus is to get to the end of the line, I get thrown off more times than not. However, if I focus on my breath, calm my mind, and find peace in each step, not only do I have more success in reaching the end of the line; I have a lot more fun! Time and time again it has proven, being centered, which is a choice, rather than looking to be centered, which is also a choice, grants me success and joy.


ACRO + Slacklining = ACROLINING


Both AcroYoga and slacklining are growing at a very fast pase. So fast, that I am inspired daily by new photos and videos of people that are pushing the edge and expanding what’s possible. In the last several months, one new edge being chiseled like a fine art sculpture, is AcroLining. It’s taking the practice of AcroYoga and merging it onto the slackline. This has sparked my interest in the same way a black hole sparks the interest of astrologers, space explorers, and scientist alike. It’s becoming an eco-friendly fuel that powers my curiosity engine on full speed. To add to the joy of this growing passion, it has encouraged my intimate and Acro partner to step past her fears, past her blockades, and on to the line. She still shows little to no interest in “slacklining” per se, but doing acro on the line has proven to be a different cup of tea. A cup of tea she is willing to sit down with, look me in the eyes and slowly sip with a smile. I must admit I am extremely grateful to her willingness to get on the line with me, and secretly (well it’s no longer a secret now) I hope that AcroLining will ease her into the idea of slacklining.


That being said, we are still early in our exploration of AcroLining and my focus is to simply enjoy our attempts, relish in our hopes, and push ourselves to expand what is possible. So far we have found success in Bird on Hands, Floating Poshi, Free Shoulder Stand, Shin to Hand, Bow on Hands, and Foot to Hand. With this new radiant light inside me for AcroLining I feel the possibilities are as endless as there are stars.



I have had to keep my feet mostly grounded in our AcroLining pursuit thus far, occasionally being able to raise a foot off the ground. Having seen pictures of both base and flyer free on the line in Shoulder Stand, I know it’s possible. With that and the belief that all these moves can be done completely free, I feel excited and confident in our blooming ability. Like a rose opening one pedal at a time, slowly and beautifully, releasing the sweet smell of passion, also do I sense the AcroLining community blossoming into a divine expression of human capability. Thanks for reading, much love and many blessings on your AcroLining adventures.



Buddy Thomas