Acro Art: Inspiring My Inner-Painter

Inspirations Discovered In Acro

To me, acro inspires and creates beauty. The movement within the art is very controlled and can be done with such grace and elegance. The technical skill behind some of the flows and poses is mouth dropping. Overall acro is an amazing human display of art, expression, and skill. This art form has had me hooked since the start of my practice. There is so much to learn, and it is such a humbling practice, it’s easy to get addicted and inspired.

Sunset acro with my love
picture by @lindsikaycircus

Today I want to talk about how acro inspires me to paint. I’ve always loved to paint, and have been dabbling around with painting since high school. Every now and then something or someone inspires me to pick up the brush and play around with colors on a canvas. Acro did just that, boosting my enthusiasm to get out the paints and create. For me it’s the lines and shapes that bodies create during an acro session that is truly beautiful. As well as the passion and expression that comes through the base and flyer during a performance.  Let’s not forget the laughter that’s generated and the many smiles during training sessions and jams. Acro really turns on that creative flow for me, so I started to channeling that into paintings…


Making Shapes

The first acro art piece I did is on two separate canvases. They are different sizes, with different–but similar backgrounds. The base and flyer on each canvas are in different poses but have the same arm placements.  With all these differences, I tried to create connection. I thought about shapes that had movement and symmetry. I thought about simplicity, during distraction. Down below is what I came up with…..

First acro art piece 9″x 12″ and 5″ x 7″


Flower of Life Acro

The second acro painting I did is influenced by sacred geometry. The flower of life symbol really interests me and I thought it would be fun to incorporate acro somehow.  I took an old canvas I had lying around with a background I painted months prior, and began painting on top of it.  During the creation process, I included the astrology signs as a way to express that acro accepts all. In the end, we together make acro, for when alone, acro is just a thought.


Second acro painting

Sunset Acro With My Love

This final piece I would like to share, is a creation inspired by acro, love, and art. During a sunset photo shoot with my lady, we captured a gorgeous photo of us doing Flag pose (the photo at the top of the page). Lindsi is in a deep back bend and her hair is flying in the wind. The colors in the background are vibrant orange and peach. I love this photo, and one day not too long ago I decided I wanted to paint it. Below is my variation of the photo. The 3 piece panel idea I got from a painting I picked up during my travels in Nicaragua.

Sunset acro with my love

So Many More Ideas…

I have so many more ideas I want to create and paint. So many it’s hard to remember them all. I’m working on one now, with a flyer sitting in lotus on a bases feet. The background is going to alternate colors and there will be 4 different colors. It’s made up of 4 canvases that are 5″ x 7″.  Another idea for a larger canvas, is squares of different colors that together create an acro pose. The ideas are endless, and the inspiration from doing exercise and moving my body is great.

How does acro inspire you? Are you an artist that likes to create acro related art, give me a shout. I would love to see your acro art creation. And to all you acro yogis out there, thanks for continuously inspiring me with all your talent, beauty, passion, and smiles. Thanks for reading.