How To Create A Simple Multiplier System With 2 Carabiners

How To Create A Simple Multiplier System

Is your line as tight as you can get it by yourself, but it’s still not tight enough for you to walk on it?

Don’t worry this is a quick blog about how you can solve this very problem. Often we have friends around to help us tension our line, but when you’re all alone and need help, what can you do?

Make sure you have a couple extra carabiners, that’s what.

Why is it important to have at least two extra carabiners with you when setting up? Here’s why…

These two carabiners can act as a multiplier system that makes it easier to tension by yourself. 

When you’ve tightened your line by hand, but it’s still to loose to walk. 2 carabiners to the rescue…


There are plenty of options when it comes to tensioning  your line. Some of these options, such as pulleys or multipliers can get expensive. In the video at the bottom of this page, I show a cheap and easy way to create a simple multiplier system. So cheap, you may already own the gear you need. If you have a couple of medium-sized carabiners lying around, your set. Otherwise you can order a couple of  them online from Slackline Technology. Or just pick some up at your local hardware store and your set.


What do I need to know?

The bunny ears you want to learn for the girth hitch

The most complicated part of the system I’m showing you is knowing a girth hitch. Don’t worry, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I go over it in the video.  A girth hitch is really simple to learn and a quick and easy way to attach a carabiner to the line. All you really need to know at this point is how to set up a slackline. If you’re really new to slacklining here is a link to a tutorial on how to set up a Yogaslackers E-line by Michelle Griffith. Now let’s check out how to create a simple multiplier system.


Check Out This Video For Instruction


Now remember, there are plenty of different ways to set up a tensioning system by yourself. The video above is just one example that’s fast and easy to do, with little gear.  For another example that has a couple of pulleys included, but is still cheap and easy, check out this link from Adam at NWSlackline. In addition to having lots of information about rigging, it’s also great to see different people’s styles. Consuming as much information as possible helps you stay informed–as well as prepared. Together we learn, together we grow…thanks for reading.




Buddy Thomas