Our Next #SlackrobatsChallenge Begins Today!

Are You Ready To Get Your Acro On?

This month we are taking yoga into the air for a 10-day AcroYoga-focused #SlackrobatsChallenge! Join us in Instagram December 7th-16th for a chance to win some amazing gear from @myinnerfire and @toesox. We couldn’t be more excited about the hosting team we’ve gathered to support you…they are all rockstars!

Slackrobats Challenge December 2016 toesox inner fire bob and trish juggling acroyoga addicts lindsikaycircus slackrobats

If you reach a challenge pose your unfamiliar with, look to @slackrobats for daily basing tips, and check out @lindsikaycircus for tips on the flyer’s role. If you are just looking for some jaw-dropping creativity–look to @bobandtrishjuggling and @acroyogaaddicts!

Inner Fire will be giving away a $100 gift card and ToeSox will be awarding some sweet gear to keep your feet warm through the winter! Don’t worry if they challenge pushes your edge, because…ATTEMPTS COUNT! Every single one of them. Bonus points for creativity and silliness too! 🙂

Full challenge details below!



#Slackrobats Challenge Details

Let’s put the YOGA back in AcroYoga! In this fun #SlackrobatsChallenge we will be exploring 10 different yoga poses…Acro-Style! ? So grab a friend and get ready to take your yoga practice to the next level. Post each day to qualify for some amazing prizes from @myinnerfire and @toesox–and YES…ATTEMPTS COUNT!

Slackrobats Challenge AcroYoga

To Qualify For Prizes:

?SHARE this poster. (Make sure your profile is public.)
?TAG 2 friends to join!
?FOLLOW all our hosts and sponsors.
?POST a photo or video each day (attempts count!) by December 18th.
?USE the challenge hashtag and remember to tag all hosts and sponsors!





•★• PRIZES •★•

• @myinnerfire $100 Gift Card
• @toesox Gear


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