10 Best Holiday Gifts For Acroyogis

Lift Your Acro Friends Up With These Special Holiday Gifts For Acroyogis

It’s the holiday season, and you want to get your acroyogi friends a gift that lets them know you really care. Well you’re in luck, because we are acroyogis and we know the perfect gifts that will get your acro friends pumped. There may even be a few gifts you want to treat yourself to. 😉 10 Best Gifts For Acrobats and Yogis, Acroyogis Before you go browsing the web, let us help you narrow your search. We know it can take hours to online shop, so we’ve made it simple for you! We have created a list of 10 gifts that are based around the needs of the acroyoga community. Any one of these gift ideas will score you major points with your acro friends. Be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide for Slackliners too!

1. DoTERRA Deep Blue Rub, 4 oz

Soothing topical cream for aches and pains
This topical cream does wonders for aches and pains, and a little goes a long way. Massage into any affected area and feel the warm and cooling effects of the medicine almost instantly. I use this product myself and highly recommended as a gift for yourself or any athlete in your life.



2. Bewildher Leggings + Fitness Apparel

This is an amazing eco-friendly company out of British Columbia that makes high quality fitness apparel. Both of us over here at Slackrobats own several items from Bewildher. I talk from experience, when I say  their tights are durable and long-lasting through hours upon hours of acro playtime.
We’re both wearing Bewildher leggings! 😉
This would be an excellent stocking stuffer gift for any acroyogi. The toughest thing to do now is choose from all their creative designs. Bewildher releases a new leggings print each and every month!



3. Trigger Point Therapy: Self Massage Kit

If you’ve ever done acro before, you know it’s a great workout. Give your body a little relief from all that hard with a self massage. This is a fantastic tool for reaching those tight knots in those hard to reach places. This kit comes with a mini self massage tool as well, great for trigger point therapy. We especially love this tool for working out unreachable knots between our shoulder blades.
Self massage therapy kit
We searched to find the best quality deals, and we think Amazon is the winner with this package offer. Check out the link below for more details.



4. Roll Out Cheer Mats

These are simply THE BEST. A wonderful addition for any Acroyogi’s practice. Mats are crucial for maintaining safety while learning acroyoga. These mats are perfect for doing just that with 1 3/8″ thick foam, they provide a soft–but firm crash pad. There are a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. The link below leads to what we think is your best deal. Help keep your friends safe with this gift that keeps giving for years to come.
Excellent mats for practicing Acroyoga…we own several of them!



5. Non-Slip Bamboo Handstand Blocks 

Almost every acroyogi I know is a handstand addict. These handstand blocks are wonderful for training handstand balance by building finger and wrist strength. Compact and mobile, these blocks can travel with acroyogi’s on the go. Made out of smooth finished bamboo, complete with a non slip rubber bottoms. Show your friends you care about their balance journey with these sturdy handstand blocks.
YOGABODY Bamboo Handstand Blocks

The link below will provide more information on this item.



6. Flexible Tripod w/ Wireless Remote

Every Acroyogi needs a good tripod to capture all those incredible acro flows and poses. This tripod is small, lightweight and easy to travel, as well as simple to operate. Compatible with iPhone and Android, this tripod comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to take photos up to 30 feet away. This item is a #1 best seller in the mobile tripod category.
Capture all your acro moments with this flexible tripod.



7. KT Tape: Kinesiology Therapeutic Sports Tape

This gift item is small enough to fit in a stocking but strong enough to provide real relief. This KT tape is affordable and long-lasting made in pre cut strips 10″ in length. Every acro friend who gets this gift will be thankful for many acro sessions to come.
Excellent for easing muscle pain and aiding recovery.
It’s got a fun neon green color, you can buy it easily online, and this brand is a best seller. Give the gift of healing this holiday season with therapeutic tape.



8. Black Diamond White Gold Loose Chalk

What do you do when your hands are to sweaty to Acro? No acroyogi likes getting robbed out of hand -to- hand training because there’s no chalk. Never fear, the chalk is here. Chalk is a great addition to any acroyoga grab bag. It helps allow you to train without the slip grip happening. Cheap and useful this functional item is a gift worth giving.
It’s getting sweaty, grab the chalk



9. Trideer Exercise Ball (Extra Thick Yoga Ball)

You want to stay fit when you’re not training acro, right? Well, this ball can help you do that. Great for toning and stretching the body, this yoga ball is a well-rounded gift. (haha!) This ball has multiple uses from a chair, to training balance, to building stabilizer muscles. A fitness and health geared gift item for both acroyogis and yogis. Made of BPA-free materials and strong enough to resist 2200 lbs. The extra thick material makes it more durable than the average exercise ball.
Cross train and stay fit for your acro practice with this yoga ball.


10. Hydro Flasks

We are firm believers in staying hydrated around here. This is a gift that says, “Hey, I care about you”. It’s a gift that will help your acroyogi friends stay on the mat and play/train longer. This flask is incredible at keeping liquids hot or cold for hours at a time. Hydro Flask is a gift item we highly recommend for everyone, especially yourself if you don’t have one already. Check out the variety of sizes and colors at the link below. hydro flask slackrobats Perfect Holiday Gifts For Slackliners



Functional Gifts That Give Back

Any acroyogi would be stoked to receive any one of these gifts. We tried to keep that in mind as we created this list. We only included functional items that we have used, do use, or would use. We hope we inspired you to show someone how much you care with a thoughtful acro gift. These gift ideas were selected with intention, meant to support your acro friends on their acro adventures. Share your love with gifts that give back. If you have any questions please shoot us a message and we will do our best to help. Thanks for reading.

A Gift For The Slackers…

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