11 Best Gifts For Slackliners and Highliners

Spread The Slacker Stoke With These Perfect Holiday Gifts For Slackliners

Let’s be real. Buying a special gift for someone that’s just right, is HARD. You sit there brainstorming…and when you think about that special someone, your mind just runs around in circles. Well we want to help. 10 Best Gifts For Slackliners and Highliners Maybe you have friends who want to dip their toes into the world of slacklining, or perhaps you already have a slackliner in your life. No matter your situation, we have the perfect gifts for you. We’ve put together a list of 11 gifts that would bring a smile to any slacker’s (or slacker-to-be’s) face. 🙂

1. Yogaslackers Full Slackline Kit

Comes with all you need to get started.
This slackline kit is for anyone! Awesome for beginners just starting out and great for seasoned slackers who need a lightweight travel kit. This kit comes with everything you need to set up a slackline (excluding the trees, hehe), all contained in a small travel bag. Easy to set up and easy to see with its bright orange color. Take your yoga practice to the next level or help a friend find balance in their life with this epic gift.


Or find out how you can get a FREE ONE from us:



2. Introduction to Slacklining: 5 Lesson Pack (All Online)

For anyone wanting a little instruction on the slackline, tutorials can go a long way. Check out the Slackrobats Academy Introduction to Slacklining bundle, which includes 5 beginner’s slackline tutorials that you can stream 24/7 from anywhere in the world! The lessons offer several progressions, so you really get a lot of instruction in each tutorial.
10 best gifts for slackliners
To get the best bang for your buck, take advantage of this month’s holiday sale…5 slackline tutorials for just $15. (40% savings) Cheaper than any class and viewable from any mobile device (as long as you have internet connection), this gift is a solid DEAL! Lessons Included:
  • Slacker Stance + Walking (4:34)
  • Pointer (4:56)
  • Double Knee (4:49)
  • Simple Sit, Criss Cross, & Lotus (6:33)
  • Turning Around on the Slackline (6:31)



3. Rhino USA D Ring Shackle (2 pack)

Every slackliner needs a good shackle or two. These 3/4″ shackles provide an excellent way to anchor your slackline and are made locally in the U.S.A. This makes for a great stocking stuffer to add to any slackers gear collection.
Made Strong, Made Local
We hunted down the best quality deal, an we think Amazon is the winner on price. Check out the selection at the link below.



4. Green Span Sets ( 4′ – 30′ Length options)

Yet another wonderful addition to any Slackers tool box. Span sets are a great go-to for anchor slings because of their strength and durability. These span sets are made in the U.S. and there are a variety of lengths to choose from. This is a gift that keeps on giving for years to come.
A good sling goes a long way.



5. Slackline Industries Slack Rack

Great for indoors or outdoors!
This free-standing Slack Rack is great for training balance and building core strength. It’s completely mobile, so you can practice indoors or outside. Made out of heavy-duty steel and easily compactable for storage. Help start someones balance journey off with a slack rack this year and watch the rewards unfold. The link below has the best price we found for our favorite Slack Rack maker…



6. Slackline Conditioning Membership

Stay fit and keep your slackline training fun and creative by joining the Slackrobats training tribe as a slackline conditioning member. This is a great gift you can give to anyone in the world who has access to internet connection. Whether you’re friend is a newbie or a seasoned slacker, these conditioning drills are a great way to train their body and mind. We add more videos every month to keep it fresh, and each video has progressions, to keep you challenged. *Holiday Special * Sign up for a one-year slackline conditioning membership, and WE will ship you a Yogaslackers eLine kit FOR FREE! (+ Free Shipping for USA addresses) This is an absolutely killer deal…you save over $100!…one you may just want to gift yourself. 😉 Offer ends 12/31/18.



7. Holy Stone Drone w/ Live Video

This beast of a Drone makes for a great gift to any slackliner or highliner that wants to capture their whole experience from all angles. Then they can take that video to friends and family and share their slacklife journey with the world.
Capture the bird’s eye view with this drone
We crawled through reviews and prices for different models and we’ve settled on the Holy Stone HS110D Drone (with 720P HD camera and live video). Check it out at the link below. It’s a #1 best seller in the drone category.



8. Black Diamond Zone Harness

Black Diamond Zone Harness
This is a MUST for anyone ready to start their highlining journey. A good harness is crucial to feeling safe and enjoying your experience when you get out on a highline. This doubles as a climbing harness too, so you can train two sports with this one item. Treat yourself or a friend to a gift that will change your life forever. (Stay safe and be sure to only highline with experienced highliners.)



9. Black Diamond Stubby Haul Bag

Perfect Holiday Gifts For Slackliners
Haul all your gear together on your next slacker outing
This acts as a great gift item for slackliners, highliners, and hikers alike. As you gather gear on your balance journey, you’ll need a good way to keep it all together. Especially as you haul it around from adventure to adventure. Durable, and lightweight this is a wonderful bag to help keep your slacklife organized. They come in 35L , 70L, and 145L sizes.


10. GIBBON Classicline Slackline Set (Trickline)

This is a great slackline for any slacker wanting to explore tricklining. It’s a two inch line with a ratchet set to create ultimate tension for learning bounce tricks and transitions. A wonderful gift for someone just learning or already skilled in the art of balance.



11. Hydro Flask

hydro flask slackrobats
The best present you can give anyone is the inspiration to stay hydrated. Hydro Flask will do just that, keeping your beverage cool or hot for hours while you or your friends are playing on the slackline.


Gifts That Keep On Giving

These 11 gifts would make any slacker happy. We hope you’re now inspired to show someone how much you care with a special slackline gift just for them. These aren’t just throwaway gift ideas either. These are all solid, long lasting and functional gifts that help promote health and fitness…as well as enable an adventurous lifestyle. Support your slacker friends with gifts that keep giving. If you have any questions please shoot us a message and we will do our best to help. Thanks for reading.   Happy holidays!   ♥ The Slackrobats (Buddy + Lindsi)