60+ Slackline Festivals Around The World

Festival Guide: 60+ Slackline and Highline Festivals As the years pass, the number of highline and slackline festivals grow. It seems like each and every year there is another highline festival popping up somewhere in the world. So I decided to compile a list of every single (current!) slackline festival that I could find. This … Read more

Slacklining In Mexico: Training and Making Friends

Slacklining In Mexico: Training and Making Friends

Turning Strangers Into Friends Slacklining strikes again, leaving smiles and new connections to balance in its wake. Now let me tell you a tale of adventure and exploration. A true story of how the slackline helped open doors to new friendships. How it has never let me down as a training partner, and how it continues to … Read more

Monkeys & AcroYoga: Traveling to Ubud, Bali

acroyoga ubud monkey forest ubud bali buddy thomas slackrobats lindsikay

  For PHOTOS from our trip, check out @slackrobats and @lindsikaycircus on Instagram.   Our Nerve-Wracking Adventure to Ubud, Bali Driving in Bali ZOOOOOM, another moped goes racing by! This time passing on the left of this narrow two-lane highway. Here the cars drive on the left side of the road, completely different then what I … Read more

Highlining with the YogaSlackers…Just Another Day in Oregon

highlining slacklining with the yogaslackers in oregon mckay falls lower fishbowl buddy thomas drone video

Slackline Memories Over a Frozen Waterfall AcroYoga, Highlining, and Circus!   It’s early, it’s cold, the kind of cold that spells itself out every time you take a breath. I’m up with the sun, excited and getting ready to roll over to a friend’s house. My backpack is stuffed with snacks, drinks, juggling clubs, and … Read more

Bonding with a Tough Crowd: Whip Out the Slackline!

teaching russian slackline slacklining bali surf jam 2015 buddy thomas yoga slackers

  Connecting with Russian Surfers at SurfJam 2015 in Bali! I arrived here in Bali with my partner on November 20th, after 28+ hours of travel from Bend, Oregon. (We left on the 18th!) There’s 16 hours time difference between here and home, and it was a long trip to say the least. Once we arrived at the … Read more