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Hey Slackrobats! Are you ready to get outside and have some fun?  We’ve teamed up with hosts @slacklarsen, @lizasouras, and @jasonandchelsey to bring you an awesome Spring yoga challenge with an added twist: all the yoga poses are done on a slackline! (To the best of your ability, attempts count!) We also have some great sponsors … Read more

How to Handle Slackline Tension

Joel Pinnok at Sleet Head Falls slackline tension how to tension a slackline

Tips for Tensioning Your Slackline A Lesson from Jason Fautz of SlackTech   Slackline Tension Tension is one of the easiest things to play with on a slackline. And I’m not talking body tension here, I’m talking line tension. When most people start slacklining (I’ll place myself in this group) it is common to rig the … Read more

17 Quotes to Heal the Heart

Finding Balance Through Healing Words Early in life I learned that words are very powerful and carry energy with them. It is our choice which words leave our mouth. It is also our choice what intention we put into forming and expressing those words. Often can be the case that thoughts, and intentions along with words can … Read more

Highlining with the YogaSlackers…Just Another Day in Oregon

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Slackline Memories Over a Frozen Waterfall AcroYoga, Highlining, and Circus!   It’s early, it’s cold, the kind of cold that spells itself out every time you take a breath. I’m up with the sun, excited and getting ready to roll over to a friend’s house. My backpack is stuffed with snacks, drinks, juggling clubs, and … Read more

ACRO + Slacklining = AcroLining: Combining 2 Passions into 1!

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A Growing Desire in the Merging of 2 Practices   I started my AcroYoga practice about 2 1/2 years ago in May of 2013. I also started my slacklining practice at the same time, actually…the same day. I realized quite quickly that both of these practices were of solid interest to me, just like simultaneous thought … Read more

Bonding with a Tough Crowd: Whip Out the Slackline!

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  Connecting with Russian Surfers at SurfJam 2015 in Bali! I arrived here in Bali with my partner on November 20th, after 28+ hours of travel from Bend, Oregon. (We left on the 18th!) There’s 16 hours time difference between here and home, and it was a long trip to say the least. Once we arrived at the … Read more

Acroyoga And Slacklining In The Olympics? | Fletch

slacklining in the olympics

Are these adventure sports Olympic-bound? When you consider what folks can do in both acro and slacklining, I can see it happening. Acroyoga is basically in the olympics already, it’s called partner gymnastics. Yes, I know there are differences. And I could see them adding to partner gymnastics with things like L-Basing and yogic positions. So that’s not much of a stretch. … Read more

Clearing Space To Walk The Line

clearing your head to walk the line

  Letting Go Of Expectations   It’s easy to go about your life acting and reacting from your autopilot self. Your autopilot has been programmed from years of social media and underfunded educational programs. Hardwired habits have formed in all of us from our childhood and early teens, to say the least. When I say hardwired habits … Read more

15 Inspirational Quotes for Slackliners

Inspiring Words To Sit (Or Walk) With We all feel inspired in one way or another, right? I think so. Each of us has the ability to inspire, and be inspired. I believe inspiration is what happens when you experience something that is profound to you. Such as nature in raw form, as giant sequoia redwoods tower over you with … Read more