Q + A with Heather Larsen — Professional Slackliner

A Slacker With A Contagious Smile Take A Step Into Heather Larsen’s Slacklife Story From the first time we connected years ago, Heather has always been professional and kind. Willing to participate in community projects and always a continuous source of inspiration. She’s strong and skilled on low slacklines as well as the highlines. Just … Read more

Q + A with Mickey Wilson — Trickline Extraordinaire

Jumping On Line With Tricky Mickey Wilson 3 Time World Slackline Champion In the slackline world there are many forms of slacklining. Such as rodeolining, longlining, waterlining, midlining, highlining, and tricklining. Each possesses their own set of challenges and variations. However, tricklining is unique in that it uses a 2″ line under extremely high tension. … Read more

Q + A: Friedi Kühne, Longest Free Solo Highline World Record Holder

Take A Dive Into Friedi Kühne’s State Of Mind Longest Free Solo Highline World Record Holder In case you don’t know, Friedi Kühne is the current free solo highline world record holder, with an astonishing 110m send. You heard correctly! That’s a 110m walk across a highline in the South of France, without being leashed or … Read more